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5S in Manufacturing
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5S is a system that creates a visual work place, as practiced by Toyota. The course presents application of the method in the production environment. Definition and application of each step is presented together with examples from various industries. The course covers implementation methodology in a company and provides suggestions for avoiding pitfalls. 

Table of contents

  1. Background Information on 5S
  2. Definitions of the 5S's
  3. Examples of 5S Implementation
  4. Office 5S
  5. 5S Implementation Methodology
  6. Key Learning Points



  • 85 slides, 20 multiple-choice questions
  • Access to materials: 90 days
  • Allowable exam time 90 min. in up to three log in sessions
  • Course fee: 25 € (student price: 15 €)
  • Exam retake fee: 5 €


Sample exam question

1S - Sort, refers to removal of which category of unnecessary items?

  1. Only those items that are in the office or common areas
  2. Only those items that are within a reach of an operator's hand
  3. Only those items that can be found in a production cell
  4. Only those items that are hidden from a human eye
  5. All items in a factory


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