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Problem Solving
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Problem Solving is a system that uses team approach to tackle often occuring everyday problems. Course covers basis tools such as 5Why, Pareto, Ishikawa as well as problem solving methodologies: PDCA, DMAIC and 8D. Each tool is illustrated with examples.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to Problem Solving
  2. Problem solving methodology
  3. Common problem solving tools
  4. Summarizing results
  5. Case Studies
  6. Pitfalls in problem solving
  7. Key Learning Points


  • 126 slides, 20 multiple-choice questions
  • Access to materials: 90 days
  • Allowable exam time 90 min. in up to 3 login sessions
  • Course fee: 25 € (student price: 15 €)
  • Exam retake fee: 5 €


Sample exam question

A problem with a wrong shipping label occurred for the 20th time this month. What would be the best course of action?

  1. Do nothing, let's hope this goes away by itself
  2. Discuss this at next week's department meeting
  3. Form a problem solving team to tackle the root cause
  4. Punish the person who put on the wrong label
  5. Ask for help from headquarters


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