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5 Whys - demonstration course

E-course description

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5 Whys is probably the best known and, at the same time, least used methodology for finding a root cause of a problem. It simply involves asking a question “Why does this happen?” a minimum of five times in a row to discover the root cause(s) of a problem. The 5 Whys technique prevents from simply removing the effect of a problem and forces to search for the real causes.

Table of contents

  1. Definition of the 5 Whys method
  2. 5 Whys template / examples of analyses
  3. 5 Whys to Poka-Yoke
  4. N5W
  5. Problems with using the 5 Whys



  • 16 slides, 5 multiple-choice questions
  • Access to materials: 90 days
  • Allowable test time 30 min.
  • Course fee: none


Sample test question

5 Whys is not recommneded for an office environment because:

  1. There are fewer problems in administration than in production.
  2. Office people will resist any type of change.
  3. Office workers are smarter, they already know root causes of most problems.
  4. People in administration don't like analytical methods.
  5. The above statement is not true.




 5why example


5why example


5why example





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