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Lean in manufacturing
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Course format

Courses in Lean Management include training materials in the form of slides and multiple choice exams. After purchasing a module, you will have 90 days to comlete it, during which time you will receive unlimited access to training materials.

To test an e-course format, take advantage of the free demonstration course in the 5Why methodology. Course materials will appear in your account for 30 days after registration.

Exam and certificate

Exams consist of 20 multiple choice questions. You will have a total of 90 minutes in a maximum of 3 sessions to give answers. Once you start an exam in a given module, the corresponding training materials will no longer be accessible.

To become certified you need to pass with a score of at least 70%, which means providing 14 correct answers. The certificate will be mailed to you within 2 working days after exam completion.

Each course fee is 25€. Full-time and part-time students receive a discount of 15€ after providing a proof of enrollment. The fee for exam retake is 5€.

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