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Lean Office is a term used to classify continuous improvement efforts modeled after the automotive industry applied to non manufacturing environments and service industries such as health, insurance and banking.

The starting point of implementation of Lean Office is the realization that processes and "wastes" exist in every type of human endeavor. As such, all activities can be improved using proven tools such 5S, Kaizen and Six Sigma. A starting point in application of lean in an office environment is frequently process mapping to visualize a process and view it free of departmental barriers.

Administrative Value Stream Mapping

Administrative Value Stream Mapping shows process flow between workers and departments and showcases wastes in an organization. A well done map will also provide information about quantity of documents, processing times and will allow to calculate Lead Time and amount of work required to complete a unit of service.

Typical improvements expected after creating a current state map range in 20 to 30% reduction of time required to complete a process. Teams achieve this by reducing time, combining or eliminating tasks. A more radical "reingineering" approach allows to design a brand new process that has a much higher content of value added work.



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