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Lean Vision
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Coaching of internal facilitators

Our Train-the-Trainer program allows an internal trainer to conduct classes and facilitate improvement workshops for company employees using Lean Vision methodology. A qualification process in each module such as 5S, Kaizen, TPM, SMED, etc. consists of 4 steps. A trainer typically is a participant in the first session conducted by Lean Vision instructors and then co-facilitates next few workshops alongside an instructor. 



Lean Vision certifies a Trainer based on her topic knowledge and facilitation skills. The number of sessions required to achieve certification varies from 2 do 4 and depends on the module complexity and Trainer’s experience and facilitation skills. 

In order to facilitate learning, Trainers have at their disposal of complete set of training materials, including:


  1. Trainer’s Manual – a detailed step-by-step guide to conducting a workshop.
  2. Presentation with speaker’s notes for each slide.
  3. Teaching Aids – worksheets, data collection forms, check sheets, assessment forms, databases, etc.
  4. A complete group exercise kit, if applicable.
Training Modules

We currently offer Train-the-Train program for the following workshops and courses:


  1. Lean Manufacturing Simulation
  2. 5S Workshop
  3. SMED Workshop
  4. Standard Work / TWI
  5. Value Stream Mapping course and workshop
  6. Administrative Process Improvement workshop
  7. Lean Office Simulation
  8. Autonomous Maintenance Workshop
  9. Planned Maintenance Workshop
  10. Kaizen Blitz Workshop
  11. Problem Solving workshop
  12. Visual Performance Management workshop
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