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Course description

The course covers the fundamentals of applying Lean principles in an office environment. Participants take part in a simulation that illustrates transforming administrative value streams. After Round 1 a current state map is created that shows a process and information flow in a traditional office set up. Using it as a starting point participants brainstorm improvements and develop a future “lean” state which is then implemented and tested in Round 2. The course also gives an overview of applying lean tools such as 5S, Kanban, Takt Time in an office environment.


  • Introduction to lean in an office environment
  • Lean Office Simulation Round 1
  • Types of wastes in the office
  • Value Stream Mapping - current state
  • TAKT Time in the office
  • Brainstorming - future state map
  • Lean Office Simulation Round 2
  • Implementing Lean in a real office
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