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Lean Assessment
Assessment Agenda

Before starting an implementation project we typically conduct a Lean Assessment to benchmark company’s production system against best practices of Lean Management. The assessment is conducted in 12 categories that have critical influence on operational performance.


Each category is evaluated based on direct observation of work, interviews with employees and analysis of data on plant performance. Consultants also perform detailed analysis of a few critical manufacturing processes such as equipment changeover or operations in a work cell to determine numerical improvement opportunities.

The client receives a report outlining a recommended strategy for implementation of Lean Management, a summary of project costs and an estimate of potential gains.

Assessment categories

Assessment categories are customized for each client. Most often used are:

  1. Standard Work – standard practices and procedures for repetitive work
  2. 5S – orderliness and cleanliness in a visual workplace
  3. SMED – organization for quick changeovers
  4. ZQC (Jidoka) – mistake proofing, quality assurance
  5. Planned Maintenance – effective equipment maintenance
  6. Autonomous Maintenance – involving operators in maintenance (part of TPM)
  7. Just-In-Time – material control, production scheduling
  8. Problem Solving – approach to analytical problem solving
  9. Visual Performance Management – using visual measures to communicate targets and show results
  10. Safety – behaviors with regards to safety
  11. Supply Chain Management – cooperation with suppliers
  12. Organizational Culture – management practices, respect for people
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